One Customer, One Organization, One P and L

Blog Post created by annelise.brancato on Apr 5, 2016

In the ever evolving age of the customer, traditional business silos must be eliminated. Organizations are feeling the pressure to restructure and consolidate online and offline divisions to create a single experience. The majority of retailers still organize around channels while customers don’t differentiate their experience by channel. We are seeing more retail organizations recognize the benefit of meeting demand seamlessly without a disjoint in channels through the buying journey.Retail CX Omnichannel.png


Here's what to keep in mind when organizing for omnichannel success:

  • From the CEO to the store associates, all stakeholders have accountability in the buyer's journey.
  • Giving store personnel incentives for omnichannel orders is crucial.
  • Online and in store orders must not be partitioned and associates must not be penalized when online orders are returned in store. Some organizations have taken to crediting stores with sales that occur offline and online within a certain radius of the store.
  • Ongoing omnichannel training to store personnel is a must while eBusiness professionals must make shifts in their actions to drive omnichannel success.


We would like to offer you a Forrester report "One Customer,One Organization, OneP&L"In this report, you will learn how to organize for omnichannel success, and ways to drive consumer centricity.


As the report mentions, many companies are already well on their way to creating an omnichannel organization transformation. These journeys are multiyear initiatives with quick wins along the way. This report is a great place to start learning about eliminating channels and creating an omnichannel, customer centric culture in your organization. Please let me know if you would like to discuss what you’ve read and how it relates to your organization.


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