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Announcement 1 Introducing CallMiner Swag Shop!
Click to view Hi All,   I'm excited to announce that we have launched a Swag Shop to allow you to order custom CallMiner and Eureka Swag.  The shop has been in beta for several months with staff - and based on the logo'd shirts, hats, and other items I'm seeing around the office - the shop is a hit!   Rolling out CallMiner and looking to… (Show more)
Click to view contentWhen cleaning out the office I found an old box of listen 2015 bracelets.  This beauty is on display in Rick Britt's office, 12800 University Drive, Suite 500, Ft Myers, Florida.  Viewing hours are Tuesday from 1:25 am until 1:30 am, or by appointment.    If there is enough demand it may make an appearance at listen 2019, and even be available… (Show more)
Hi EO Members,   I just thought this could be helpful for working on Excel.   Regards, Pulkit Jain     Shawn Feaser Tomas Federico Sasa Kuzmanovic Cristina Villalobos Yeliana Liman Monika Zutshi Mike Hull Mayank Nanda Richard Britt Felix Lepa Bruce McMahon Lauretta Campestre Allison Corley Cristopher Kuehl Christine Gonzalez
Hey All   Throughout the past 10 years I have seen several approaches to assessing the "quality" of calls. "Quality" seems to be a largely nebulas term which seems to mean "What we as the business think customer service should be." But many times when you hold quality scores up to net promoter scores or even average handling times there is either… (Show more)
Complete Rookie.                I supply a list to be uploaded by a team that is loaded to F9 that List includes a data value "X1:  X2"    into Persona    On the F9 screen connect to a person and value change I want to invoke a launch of a (HTML or PDF or Website undecided)  that provides talking points ot a X1 persona or for a x2 persona.  … (Show more)
Calling all Spanish Coders out there, have you come across any BOT’s (ROBO Call)? If so, are you facing any obstacles when coding them since they are spoken in English and the Spanish translation is not consistent?   How are you overcoming these obstacles?    thanks,  Tomas   Cristina Villalobos
Does anyone not use CallMiner for Sales calls because of the fear of having to say the recording disclosure will annoy the customers and possibly end up with more hang-ups? Did anyone face this issue from executive management? Feedback is much appreciated.
I’m currently working on enhancing the category “Drop the Ball” in CallMiner build and asking for anyone best practice in doing so. Some of my searches come back with “It’s not my fault”, it’s not my problem”. Our clients are looking to why these questions are being ask by our customers. Your feedback is welcome.
I would like to measure at what point in a call a specific phrase or word(s) is being used to analyse the effectiveness of a process change.  i.e on average at 37second mark agent says "How many I help you"
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