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Has anyone created a search to identify customers who may have additional needs? ie hearing impaired, visually impaired, or another handicap that may require further assistance. If so, willing to share?
I found fraud miner when I searched EO for identifying fraud calls. Outside of fraud miner, does anyone have any suggestions for identifying sales calls where a fraudster is attempting to open an account? Not looking for pre-texting as the fraudster would already have the person's information. Just looking for suggestions on how to identify a… (Show more)
We're exploring this option for a secondary mining process and at first glance, it's more complicated than we hoped. Any advice would be appreciated!
Defining BPO Automation Business process outsourcing (BPO) of operations and responsibilities by companies to third-party service providers is widely employed in the business world. Its main advantage is to increase a company’s flexibility in how it deals with its targets and goals, whether measured through cost or time efficiency, and the… (Show more)
Not all call center metrics are created equal. Any call center manager worth their salt knows that you should be measuring what goes on inside your call center. But the empirical data you gather is only as good as the questions you are asking. And finding ROI starts with understanding what you need to be measuring in order to get business results.… (Show more)
Today’s customers have high expectations for the brands they work with including exceptional customer service. They expect more than a happy and polite representative on the phone. They want to build long-lasting relationships with the businesses they use. If you’re not interested in cultivating customer relationships, they are quick to move on to… (Show more)
It seems that we’re asked to take a customer satisfaction survey with nearly every purchase. But do you ever wonder…do they really care what I have to say?   Our 2016 Customer Listening Study, the first of its kind, evaluated the customer satisfaction surveys of 51 top US retailers. The main finding: retailers like Lowe’s and Wal-Mart waste… (Show more)
Here come the Millennials, also known as Next Gen and the Baby-On-board Generation. Regardless what call you them they are nearly 98 million young adults born between 1980 and 2000 and by 2020 they will represent nearly 50% of the workforce.   Millennials are quite different then any generation before them. They view the world differently and… (Show more)
o matter what industry you serve, one thing is certain; call centers can’t deliver a positive customer experience without the right agents in place. Hiring the right team can make or break any call center, but it takes more than just reviewing qualifications during the hiring process. Leadership and management teams have a responsibility to… (Show more)
Call centers are used by many businesses to field incoming calls and make outbound calls. The agents tasked with call management are usually engulfed in an endless stream of conversation, documentation, and follow-up. The constant activity can leave agents feeling unsure about their performance, and if the structure is too chaotic, you may not be… (Show more)
Agents, teams, and contact center supervisors face an unending list of demands and expectations from customers and business owners. If you are unable to deliver on these expectations, you risk poor customer experience and diminishing profits. A common underlying factor in not meeting expectations is inefficiency. Inefficiency costs contact centers… (Show more)
Sentiment analysis has become a household phrase in this “era of the consumer” that has ushered in an acute focus for organizations towards customer experience, as both a necessity in business success and a core differentiator.  Sentiment analysis in the context of customer experience refers to gaining an understanding of how your customers feel… (Show more)
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