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Hi,   Has anyone created a category that captures calls when customers request to be taking off auto draft (ACH)? The goal is to see the main reason the customers are requesting to be taking off auto draft. Thank you!
Has anyone taken transcripts from Speech Analytis and tried to perform Text Analytics on them? We have a group within out company that is interested in trying to do Text Analytics on the transcripts from CallMiner, but not sure how valuable it would be since transcripts are not completely accurate. They have done Text Analytics on survey data… (Show more)
I work for a fortune 200 company and we are training our super-users on the system. We have many user groups in sales and customer service  and are trying to figure out what might be the best approach for setting up and managing the program to gain the greatest benefit and value, should it be run as a centralized system or de-centralized system? … (Show more)
Click to view contentSometimes in life you get handed an amazing opportunity.  Our recent trip to meet with the MSO industry group C5 was such a time.  I was fortunate to join Todd Barber and Ryan Carrigan in Anchorage Alaska for a whirlwind trip.  We spent two days with our gracious and wonderful C5 friends discussing the future and the MSO industry, and on Friday we… (Show more)
Howdy EO Team,   My company is working towards overall FCR increase and creating a work culture that is incentivized for helping resolve customer issues and providing best in class Customer Service.    We are starting to utilize AI/Machine Learning through Big Data for our projects for analysis but that level of insight will provide us with… (Show more)
Click to view contentTake advantage of Advance Pricing - $699 for individuals, $200 discount.  After 3 years at the Opal Sands in Clearwater Beach FL, this year, CallMiner's 11th annual conference moves 2 degrees South and 2 degrees East to the beautiful blue waters and shores of the Atlantic Ocean. This year's event will be hosted at the iconic Margaritaville… (Show more)
Hey Call Miner Community- How do your organizations support your compliance departments? Other than the usual reporting none compliant behavior back to them. Other than building scorecards for different regulatory adherence. Does anyone do anything differently? How do you support complaint management? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Click to view contentUPDATE: New York Date and Venue Selected   REGISTER HERE: Coming to a city near you! - well... specifically Los Angeles (April 24), Chicago (May 7), Dallas (May 22), and New York (May 9). CallMiner is hosting single day summits to get customers and prospects together to network, discuss best… (Show more)
Click to view Hi All,   I'm excited to announce that we have launched a Swag Shop to allow you to order custom CallMiner and Eureka Swag.  The shop has been in beta for several months with staff - and based on the logo'd shirts, hats, and other items I'm seeing around the office - the shop is a hit!   Rolling out CallMiner and looking to… (Show more)
Hey All   Throughout the past 10 years I have seen several approaches to assessing the "quality" of calls. "Quality" seems to be a largely nebulas term which seems to mean "What we as the business think customer service should be." But many times when you hold quality scores up to net promoter scores or even average handling times there is either… (Show more)
Click to view contentWhen cleaning out the office I found an old box of listen 2015 bracelets.  This beauty is on display in Rick Britt's office, 12800 University Drive, Suite 500, Ft Myers, Florida.  Viewing hours are Tuesday from 1:25 am until 1:30 am, or by appointment.    If there is enough demand it may make an appearance at listen 2019, and even be available… (Show more)
Hi EO Members,   I just thought this could be helpful for working on Excel.   Regards, Pulkit Jain     Shawn Feaser Tomas Federico Sasa Kuzmanovic Cristina Villalobos Yeliana Liman Monika Zutshi Mike Hull Mayank Nanda Richard Britt Felix Lepa Bruce McMahon Lauretta Campestre Allison Corley Cristopher Kuehl Christine Gonzalez
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