Webinar Recording: Leveraging Gamification & Analytics to Drive Agent Engagement and Performance

Video created by andrewmishalove on Jun 3, 2016


    Gamification has become a popular strategy in contact centers for improving agent satisfaction, productivity, compliance and sales performance. Using analytics and gamification to effectively encourage desired behavior among agents requires finding the right incentives to measure, monitor and promote the KPIs that are vital to success.

    Join contact center gamification expert Brett Brosseau of FidoTrack along with experienced Interaction Analytics leaders Molly Sollie, Manager of Quality Assurance at Defenders and Shawn Feaser, Manager of Business Information Analytics at Encore Capital Group as they share their approaches to using analytics to measure and score their gamification programs to achieve the desired results within their organizations. In this webinar, you will learn:

    • How to align gamification strategies with your business objectives
    • Methods to view behaviors to drive the desired outcome
    • How to engage the agents to self-evaluate behaviors
    • How to create consistency in evaluating the quality of the interaction, compliance and adoption of practices
    • Effective communication methods to “keep everyone in the game”
    • Practical game plans and the positive outcomes achieved