Survey Shows Strong Call Center Performance With 90% of Calls Being Answered Within 20 Seconds

Blog Post created by scottkendrick Employee on Nov 19, 2015

According to a recent Call Centre Helper and NewVoiceMedia survey, leading contact centers are answering 90% of phone calls within 20 seconds, despite an industry average of 80% of phone calls in 20 seconds. The survey, which polled 600 call center professionals, confirms the industry-wide standard of 80/20.  Other findings indicate that there is a trend for 70% of calls answered in 30 seconds and 85% of calls in 20 seconds, as stated in the Call Centre Helper article covering the survey results.


While the 80/20 rule may be widely accepted as the industry standard, a Talk Desk blog argues that there is no industry standard for service level.  “Call volume and service level fluctuate based on the company’s product stability, marketing efforts, team, budget and customers, and so no two companies are alike, even if they are within the same industry,” says the article.  “Thus, companies should set their service level objectives based on careful consideration of a variety of factors (customer needs/priorities/expectations, employee satisfaction, business goals and objectives, etc.), rather than rely on an “industry standard’.” In order to drive optimal call center performance at all times, organizations can leverage speech analytics, which automatically tracks and scores 100% of calls and leads to an improved experience overall for customers. © Badzioch