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automated-quality-monitoring2-400x250.jpgAccording to a Royal Mail Data Services report, 63.6% of UK companies claim they have out-of-date customer data.  Other survey findings show that 62.8% have incomplete customer data and a further 60.1% have barely any customer data at all.


The problem is due to the system of data capture and validation in most companies, according to a recent My Customer article covering the research.


Data from the study also shows less than half of companies are automatically validating customer information they capture on websites, and 21.4% still don’t have a validation process for customer data captured on the web.


"If businesses are committed to improving the quality of their customer data, they’ll need to use faster, online, self-service ways to capture and validate customer data," says Jim Conning, Royal Mail Data Services managing director, in the article.


Best practices for maintaining data quality include implementing a unique, persistent key that identifies each customer and their corresponding data and having metrics in place for adhering to data standards that companies should define, suggests the article.


To effectively leverage customer data, call centers can rely on speech analytics for an even more in-depth type of automated quality monitoring. Such technology captures customer conversations and associated metadata from any source communication system and converts customer interactions into a consistent formal for analysis.




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