Study Reveals Importance of Positive Customer Interactions

Blog Post created by andrewmishalove on Dec 17, 2015

According to the Belding Group's "The Science of WOW — the Formula of Viral Customer Experience" report, customer service interactions have a big impact on customers and their willingness to share those experiences with others. optimized-customer-experience.jpg


With technological advances over the last 10 years, customer service has become increasingly important and is the last competitive distinguisher for companies, says the report.


While there are several factors influencing the customer experience (i.e., people, processes, policies, and organizational practices), positive customer experiences are driven largely by customer service representatives, notes the study.


Eighty-seven percent of positive customer experiences are a result of company representatives taking ownership of the experience, reports a recent Smart Customer Service article covering the findings.


Conversely, 93% of negative customer experiences come from employees failing to take ownership of the customer experience.  Being able to convert a negative situation into a positive one is a powerful trigger for favorable conversations, notes the article.


"The good news is that companies have more control over the conversations surrounding their brand than they might realize," says Shaun Belding, CEO of The Belding Group, in the article.  "The more skilled, more empowered, and better trained their employees are in customer service and resolving issues, the more likely they are to create positive experiences that people will share in person and on social media."


As companies increasingly prioritize the customer experience, call centers can leverage speech analytics.  Such technology provides evaluation and comparison of performance and key metrics through data visualization – making it easier to identify weaknesses that call center agents can improve upon to create an optimized customer experience.