What Are the Best Contact Center KPIs for Your Operation?

Blog Post created by andrewmishalove on Mar 18, 2016

Contact center KPIs have been factored into business models for quite some time, but how do you know which metrics will drive the most efficiency and productivity in your call center and among agents?contact-center-kpis.png


It’s becoming more essential to identify the most valuable metrics to your specific call center and your goals as KPIs can directly influence the overall customer experience. KPIs can offer call center management and staff invaluable insight into areas of needed improvements, as well as agent performance strengths.


As the landscape for customer expectations continue to evolve, it’s that much more imperative for contact centers to deliver as 76% view customer service as a test of their value to a specific brand.


To help contact centers better gauge where to focus on when it comes to KPIs, CallMiner has put together a compilation of suggested KPIs from industry experts.




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