Call Center Phone Scripts: Are They a Thing of the Past?

Blog Post created by andrewmishalove on Jul 8, 2016

call-center-phone-scripts-400x250.jpgLet’s face it: Today’s customers have high expectations of customer service.  So what does that mean for the companies providing it?


Historically, companies have relied on call center phone scripts (i.e., when agents read verbatim from a script and follow predetermined steps) to create meaningful and effective interactions with customers.


But research shows many customers dislike speaking with call center agents who sound like they’re reading from a script.  Sixty-nine percent of customers, in fact, report their customer experience improves when agents do not sound like they’re reading from a script.


Are call center phone scripts a thing of the past?  Or do they have their place in the modern call center?




This post originally appeared on CallMiner.