Using Analytics in Your Contact Centre to Help You Navigate Through Uncertain Times in 2017?

Blog Post created by andrewmishalove on Jan 4, 2017

big-data-big-year-2017.jpgPost by: Frank Sherlock, VP, International, Sales


An Age of uncertainty is upon us” according to The Economist and many other sources.


Preparing for and being able to manage your business and your relationships with customers through such times will be critical. Your call centre is at the forefront of customer interactions. Utilizing the wealth of data contained in these interactions will provide the insights that you need to successfully navigate your way through 2017 and beyond.


We’ve put together a list of four great tactics for making sure that you use your call centre data to deliver the customer insights you need to turn a “year of uncertainty” into a “Big Year for your business”.


Take a look…..




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