• Utilizing Call Miner for Competitive Analysis

    Hi All, I have been put in charge of utilizing Call Miner for only research on our competitors. Does anyone have some best practices on how they did it? For example, What CAT’s did you build? What data did y...
  • LIBOR - London Interbank Offered Rate

    Hello EO Community!   Are any of you using CallMiner to identify calls where LIBOR is mentioned? If so, any tips or tricks to share?   Thanks!
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  • How does CEM software help to improve Business Growth?

    In today’s customer-centric era, it is prominent for companies to do their best and surpass all the expectations related to the quality of products and services. It is extremely important because that’s ho...
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  • How does Business Process Outsourcing Work to Achieve Business Goals?

    Businesses today are getting success for one particular reason and it is because problem-solving is the supreme objective. Glitches may vary from one business to the other but the primary success reason for businesses...
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  • Headsets / Tech Equipment

    Hey all,   Has anybody found headset quality to make a big difference in recognition/audio quality? Has anybody upgraded their equipment and seen a substantial increase? What type of equipment is everybody using?
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  • Data Collection by Google.... Should we worry Now???

    Hi EO Members,   Google CEO  SundarPichai faced questions on issues of political bias, hashtag#tracking_users, content moderation and a China searchengine during a Congressional hearing  https://lnkd.i...
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  • Birthday Celebration in India Office

    Here you go..   Shawn Feaser Richard Britt Mike Hull Sasa Kuzmanovic Tomas Federico Cristina Villalobos Yeliana Liman Mayank Nanda Monika Zutshi Scott Kendrick
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  • Interview questions for Speech Analyst

    I'm preparing to interview candidates for the analyst position and am looking for any good questions you've used in your recruiting.
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  • Be a part of #GivingTuesday

      As many of you know, CallMiner has partnered with RCS Pinellas for volunteer activities during our LISTEN events for the past two years.   As today is Giving Tuesday, we are excited to kick off a program w...
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  • Congrats to MBFS for their Recent J.D. Powers Survey Results

    Congratulations to CallMiner customer (and our dear friends) at Mercedes Benz Financial Services for their first place finish in J.D. Power’s luxury brand customer satisfaction index ranking, published this week...
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  • Marketing and Speech Analytics

    Who here is using CallMiner for Marketing purposes? How are you using CallMiner for Marketing? What are some best practices gleaned?   Happy Halloween!   Shawn Meier Aaron Fuhs Christian Thompson Martin...
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  • The FCR category Winners are here!

    The categories are in!  Thanks for all the submissions, it took a while to cull through them all, so sorry for the delay in responding, but we have a winner!   FIRST ASSOCIATES team of Matthew Lurie and Que...
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  • Can someone help me with the steps on how to map users in Coach?

    In the past I have mapped users in MyEureka ,but with the movement to Coach I see very different screen when I select Coach.
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  • Your user is not configured to use Coach. Please contact an administrator for more information.

    I am part of the Administrator Group of which one user is able to access COACH but rest can't.   For the rest of the users part of Administrator Group we get the message "Your user is not configured to use Coac...
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  • Lets get ready to Hack!

    Hello EO family!   It's is time to hack.  Be sure to sign up for the Hackathon here! win some Amazon cash, and get bragging rights to the best cats ever!!!   Remember we will publish the work as a pla...
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  • Communicating Speech to the business

    Hi all, I have a question in relation to communicating Speech Analytics to the business. Our business has had Speech for the past few months and is now at a stage where we are looking to communicate some of our findin...
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  • Are you Looking to Set-Up a call center for your tech Support campaign?

    We are here to empower you with all the software and services you need to set up your campaign. Once you choose us, you will get the additional facility of our Dialer software and CRM solutions to build a proficient a...
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  • What would be the best approach to do the root cause analysis of silence in calls?

    What would be the best approach to do the root cause analysis of silence in calls?
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  • New addition to Encore

    All,   It seems that the stars and planets have aligned! As we more the loss of Richard Britt to the CallMiner team, another opportunity presented itself.   I am very pleased and excited to welcome Yeliana...
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  • CallMiner Eureka Voted - Best Speech Analytics Product

    Thanks everyone for all your support in landing us in the top 10 of Contact Center Technologies and being recognized as Best Speech Analytics Product through Call Centre Helper's annual awards. The team really appreci...
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