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Announcement 1 Introducing CallMiner Swag Shop!

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scottkendrick Hi All,   I'm excited to announce that we have launched a Swag Shop to allow you to order custom CallMiner and Eureka Swag.  The shop has been in beta for several months with staff - and based on the logo'd shirts, hats, and other items I'm seeing around the office - the shop is a hit!   Rolling out CallMiner

When cleaning out the office I found an old box of listen 2015 bracelets.  This beauty is on display in Rick Britt's office, 12800 University Drive, Suite 500, Ft Myers, Florida.  Viewing hours are Tuesday from 1:25 am until 1:30 am, or by appointment.    If there is enough demand it may make an appearance at listen 2019, and
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The category build currently uses lots of I understands, I am sorry, I apologize. Hits are extremely low. Please offer suggestions that I can use in the build and any other helpful information. Thank you.