andrewmishalove now on page 1 Google for key phrase "Engagement Optimization"

Discussion created by andrewmishalove on Apr 21, 2016
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Today, hit a milestone by landing in the #5 spot on page 1 of Google.  This is something ALL site visitors and "EO" community members can be proud of.


Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 1.38.19 PM.png


By remaining on page 1, more and more customer engagement professionals will join our community giving us more peer to peer networking and crowdsourcing opportunity!  It enables YOU to get more value out of your customer journey initiatives through the exchange of best practices and allows YOU to interact with other industry professionals faced with the same business challenges.  Finally, members can connect with a robust ecosystem of other users, thought leaders and CE professionals and have access to their knowledge and experience.


Now we need your help keeping us on Page 1


So, please login to every day and share something with other community members, your social networks, co-workers or anyone you feel would benefit from the content within.  It is easy to browse the content being produced by your fellow colleagues but enrich your experience by commenting, liking and sharing.  Best of all, sign up, sign in and start your own discussion here!


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Thanks for your support and confidence in EO!  Together, we will make EO the #1 destination for customer engagement professionals!


Your EO Team