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Increasingly, businesses are realizing that customer experience is the top indicator of performance and, as such, a primary driver of revenue. But the truth is, the average measure of customer experience has dropped for four years in a row. And unfortunately, when a customer has a bad experience – especially with customer service –they simply take their business elsewhere.

It’s a realization that’s leaving companies and their call centers scrambling to reevaluate their customer experience strategies. While doing so, it is critical they keep an eye on customer service experience trends.

As a customer experience consulting and monitoring firm, we have our finger on the pulse of these latest trends. In our most recent eBook, we explore the following:

  1. The accelerating rate of change
  2. The continuing obsession with all-things-customer
  3. How big data is triggering pre-emptive service
  4. How self-service is easier
  5. Emerging channels that are coming to the forefront
  6. How multi-channel agent skillsets are a prerequisite
  7. How consistency is everything
  8. The growth of value-based service segmentation
  9. How empowered agents improve human-to-human experience
  10. How the contact center is central to understanding customers

Understanding these 10 key trends is essential in mapping out your company’s path forward in today’s competitive customer service marketplace.

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Top 10 Customer Service Experience Trends to Watch - VereQuest