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Ideas of how to best support smaller customers/clients at scale???

Question asked by kimber827 on Dec 13, 2016
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Need your help! See the following details below and would LOVE to get your thoughts:


Scenario: As a company you have a multitude of product offerings each with a different market fit.  Because of that you have all different levels of customers/clients, from large Fortune 500 types to small mom and pop shops.  You only have so many employees to be able to offer support and prioritize those up to the largest clients with multiple products to ensure they are happy and satisfied with your services all year around with the goal of them to renew.


Problem:  What about those customers who only have 1 or 2 products or are smaller in size than the big fish?  They too happen to fit in your "market fit" but do not receive support all the time out of a pure limit on employees.... thus renewal time comes and they walk away. 


Question:  What are the best formats to keep those smaller, less supported clients happy throughout the contract time to up the chances of renewals??  What's the best medium to resonate with them?  Email? Calls?  Support webinars???  Something else???


Would love to expect them to log in or their sales rep to pay them some love, but it's just not realistic all the time and many accounts can accidentally get neglected...

  • what do you suggest as the best ways to maintain relevant with the client throughout their contract?
  • How often is often enough to touch base with them?
  • Do you think they'd want to receive feedback on each product separately or all products at one time?
  • Any other feedback from experience?


Thank you!!