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Quality Metrics that align with Net promoter or AHT

Question asked by cjwilliams on Dec 12, 2016
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Hey All


Throughout the past 10 years I have seen several approaches to assessing the "quality" of calls. "Quality" seems to be a largely nebulas term which seems to mean "What we as the business think customer service should be." But many times when you hold quality scores up to net promoter scores or even average handling times there is either no correlation, or worse still a negative correlation with quality scores. Why is that? and if quality isn't delivering customer satisfaction or lowering the cost of my interactions then why are we doing it? there's a segment of the market out there that must use quality to ensure compliance to legal process and that I understand but generally speaking most businesses out there have privacy laws, ACCC and PCI to worry about where their scorecards go far beyond monitoring only these niche areas of the call. I'm interested in opening a discussion about how you guys approach quality and what role it plays in your business. does it match up with your NPS and AHT scores? is it purely legal compliance? If no to these questions then why does your business do it?