Implementing Callback Logic for your Organization

Discussion created by cwittschen on Nov 20, 2017

Hey Everyone!


Looking to get some opinions on implementing Callbacks as a feature for our customers. This is something we previously implemented, but we ended up rolling back since we had a hard time tracking weather or not the Customer answered the phone before connecting the Agent.


I've done some research about how this is implemented at other companies and it seems to follow a logic similar to this one:

  1. Customer selects Callback on Contact Us page or while actually in the IVR (We'd like to implement on the Contact Us page)
  2. Customer is placed in the phone queue based on selections made
  3. Customer is given a Time estimate of when they should receive the call back
  4. When customer is next in queue, customers phone number is dialed and available Agent is connected to the the customer, as if the customer had called in and stayed in queue.


Questions about this process:

  1. When selecting the Callback option via website, how does your company know what the customer was calling in about? Through use of a form or other factors?
  2. How is the time estimate for the customer estimated? Longest call currently in queue?
  3. Biggest Question: How do you know if customer has answered the phone before connecting to the Agent? How is the information stored in a database in order to pull metrics on this information.


Thanks in advance for the help!