Community Changes in Progress

Discussion created by scottkendrick Employee on Mar 27, 2018

Hi Community Members,


I previously had written regarding Upcoming Changes to the Community. The second phase of these changes is in progress. You may have noticed the community home page does not look as it should. Not to worry - we will have this returned to the design you are accustomed to with highlighted blog articles, top discussions, and more, within 48 hours. This change initially was intended to be completed in off hours over the weekend, however a system issue has forced us to accelerate this role out. During this period of "construction", you should not have any issues logging in and joining discussions in the Industry News and Best Practices space or Product User Forums as you normally would.


With the pending changes, discussions will remain on the existing community platform, whether those discussions be specific about product features and use, or general customer engagement best practices discussions. Blogs and news articles will move to a new platform, however will still be accessible within the community site. As a result, top level community navigation will adjust, organizing all links to news and blog articles under a News menu item and all discussions will fall under a Discussions menu item (see images below). Access to product specific forums for CallMiner customers and partners will remain as is, under the Product Forums menu item. If you use the Activity Feed, this link will be moving under the Resources menu where Careers and general Community Help & Feedback live.


We are always open to feedback on the community - feel free to post in this forum.


Best regards,

Scott Kendrick

VP Marketing - CallMiner