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Wanted to take a quick moment to wish you all farewell, as I have left Encore.  My last day was Friday 4/27/18.  I will really miss my team there, and the amazing talent, and not working with all of you in that role. 


Also, I wanted to take a moment to say hello, as I have taken the role of Vice President of Artificial Intelligence for CallMiner, I started Monday 4/30/18. I am extremely excited to continue to work with all of you, just from the CallMiner side. This was a role I have been talking with Call Miner about for some time, and I can’t tell you how ecstatic  I am to  walk down this path with all of you. 


If you are wondering why I made this decision I’m happy to share, if not, then hit the back arrow.


So as you may be aware we have been moving forward with AI more specifically Machine Learning at Encore, but just as a portion of my role in Enterprise Data Management.  The opportunity to do this full time for a company on the very front edge was too great not to pursue.  I will be working in the Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO) organization with Jeff Gallino, Mike Dwyer and Anya Korneyva.   I think we may have a few more powerhouse names to add soon, suffice to say it will be a strong intellectually challenging group for me to work with.  What we will be doing is also very cool, I will take some time to elaborate in a different forum. 


Here is what I know for sure, everything we would create has you in mind.  Having been a client of Call@Miner for a long time, I know you make the world go around.  So expect me to share, and gather your powerful insight as we proceed.  If it is useful to you it certainly will be useful to us


More to come, and again, so happy to work with you.


Rick Britt



Scott Kendrick