Great Leadership is a Rare Thing

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As our careers progress we get to work for a variety of people.  In the entirety of a career we typically enjoy a spectrum of leaders, some we may enjoy a more than others.  Some we learn from by example, and others we learn what not to do, all too often by example.  In my career there have definitely been a variety of leadership talent  There is a best, hands down a best.  I have had one person for whom I worked, that after we parted ways at one company, I sought him out and worked for years later, a round two of sorts.   The person to whom I’m referring is named Scott Goodrich, he is the SVP of Brokerage at HPOne.  As of last week HPOne is a new client of CallMiner.  So we will again get to work together in this new capacity.


Why am I telling you this? For one lucky person you may also get to work with one of the most phenomenal leaders you can imagine.  In this new implementation of Eureka, Scott is looking to hire a leader for that program. I strongly recommend, anyone interested reach out. 


Why should you believe me?  Well, for a long time he was the executive in charge of Speech Analytics at Encore Capital Group, and provided amazing strategic leadership (the second time we worked together).   Or ask the Encore folks, get their impression.


Scott’s contact details are,


please reach out if you or someone you know is interested in leading a CallMiner Speech Analytics program for a great company, and amazing leader.


Best of luck to all,




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