Suzy Riggins is retiring, for the last time!

Discussion created by richardbritt on Mar 29, 2019
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If you had an opportunity to work with Suzy Riggins I’m sure you enjoyed the experience as much as I have.  I am happy for her, yet sad to say, today is her last day with us at CallMiner.  From now on it’s just exotic vacations and beaches. 


I remember five years ago when Encore was just signing our CallMiner contract, Suzy was involved in our implementation, and we loved her.  We requested she also run our Accelerator, which she did phenomenally, even though she was no longer doing accelerators for clients.  Not soon after we learned she was planning to retire.  There was only one course of action, call the CEO and beg for her to stay.  Suzy has been with CallMiner for those five additional years, today is her last.  I’m afraid, there is no amount of begging I can do to keep her here.  The lure of retirement is too strong I guess. 


Please join me in wishing Suzy the best, and let her know she will be deeply missed.


Cheers Suzy, well done!




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