Repeat Contact Reduction

Discussion created by greg.kruse on May 16, 2019

I am seeking some advice/tips around on how you have reduced repeat contacts.


In an effort to get some cost savings we have been looking at repeat contacts for one of our business units. This B/U takes about 55,000 calls a month with about 16% of those calls as repeats. We did some investigating and identified Billing and Transportation to be our top 2 contributors to repeat contacts. We have done the following.

  • Built reports around billing and trans repeats and send them to the managers and supervisors so they can take action
  • The supervisors are reviewing these repeat calls and further drilling down to bucket all the different billing and trans issues
  • They are having their agents following up with these repeat callers to close the loop on the reasons they are calling
  • We have a bi-weekly meeting to review
  • Worked with both trans and billing to address main reasons for repeats

With all these steps and more, we are not seeing a decrease in repeats, and actually we have seen an increase from 16% to 18%.


I greatly appreciate any advice, tips, or suggestions you might have.