Gamification and Fun, Part 2: How Much Fun Is Too Much?

Video created by andrewmishalove on Oct 5, 2016

    111.jpg?a=1475710477183In our last video, we talked a little bit about the question of why "fun" matters when it comes to gamification programs. Now, let's look at a related question: How can you tell when your system has become too fun?


    The problem with too much fun is that users may end up focusing on the game elements at the expense of the greater, underlying objective. The purpose of adding badges or any other rewards system is to incentivize some other, business-specific behavior, such as contributing to a forum, completing training coursework and so on. If the gamification elements prove exceedingly compelling, the participants may contribute less-than-stellar content or rush through the training solely in order to complete the game. If that's the case, then the gamification effort will have essentially backfired.


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