Overcoming the Silo Mentality

Video created by andrewmishalove on Oct 31, 2016

    Screen%2BShot%2B2016-10-31%2Bat%2B2.jpg?a=1477939850089If you're watching this video, odds are your company is using customer engagement or interaction analytics in the contact center. But let me ask you: Are you using these tools anywhere else in your organization?


    If not, then you're missing out. By extending analytics use outside the contact center, you can gain much more extensive customer intelligence, leading to improvements in product development, risk management and the customer experience across the board.


    But there are obstacles here. Notably, 70 percent of companies say silo mentalities are the biggest hurdles to improving customer experience. That attitude will certainly make it difficult to extend customer engagement analytics throughout the business. Firms need to target and reduce silos to fully leverage these tools.


    Thanks for watching, and be sure to download our white paper for more insight into applying interaction analytics outside the contact center.