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All,   We just download all of our syntax for every Category and component contained in them, 6188 total if you were curious.   It made me think about the common coding errors I have made over the years, so I decided to see if we still had some out there. What are the most common ones you would check for?   Here are a few examples: - Quotes… (Show more)
Hello EO Community!   Are any of you using CallMiner to identify calls where LIBOR is mentioned? If so, any tips or tricks to share?   Thanks!
Hi All, I have been put in charge of utilizing Call Miner for only research on our competitors. Does anyone have some best practices on how they did it? For example, What CAT’s did you build? What data did you provide to your leadership team that they liked? Thanks!     Tiffany Leonard
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I am just starting to dive into score builder and during some conversations I have been having it has come up that we want to see how we can score the following situation.     The customer calls in very upset and by the end of the call the agent was able to resolve the issue resulting in the customer providing praise or compliments to the agent.… (Show more)
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The MTM Analyst team is super excited to pilot Coach with the first group of leaders in our corporate contact center. These  leaders are so excited to be able to leverage this tool to gain quick insight into their teams performance.

Big thanks to our CSD Mike Hull for coming onsite and helping to make our pilot launch an success!!

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    Senior Manager, Call Center Analytics   Our Analytics Department is on the frontline of helping build intrinsic value and make strategic business decisions through data analytics. Team members in this role are able to utilize the latest analytical technology to develop, monitor, and maintain complex practices that help to optimize our success. Our…
    HPOne is seeking a Speech Analytics Manager with CallMiner experience   Speech Analyst Manager The Manager of the Speech Analytics team will be accountable for leading the speech analytics team as well as the analysis of customer conversations/interactions utilizing Call Miner - an advanced speech analytics solution. The SA Manager will be the…
    Hi! Can anyone tell me more about the measure "agitation"? The User Guide does have not much information about this. I saw that have a metadata about stress, but don't have informations either.   Thanks.
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    Hi all, I have a question in relation to communicating Speech Analytics to the business. Our business has had Speech for the past few months and is now at a stage where we are looking to communicate some of our findings to agent level rather than just SM. We have created focus groups and formed 'Speech Advocates' and are looking to release 'Soft… (Show more)
    It is a really exciting time to be at Extra Space Storage! We got our start in 1977. Today we are a New York Stock Exchange-traded company leading the self-storage industry in more ways than one. But in order to maintain this lead, we need exceptionally motivated, capable, and driven people like you. We offer a fast-paced collaborative environment…
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