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Coaching effectiveness through Speech analytics

Question asked by cjwilliams on Dec 19, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 22, 2016 by pulkitjain

Throughout my time in call centers I've seen several models for coaching, GROW, ADAPT, PLAN, etc. and all of these pretty much follow the same formula. (Forgive for oversimplifying here)


- Approach the conversation in a non threatening manner

- Set a clear topic of conversation

- Engage in effective questioning techniques to promote self discovery

- Come up with some strategies to combat the behavior of interest

- Gain commitment

- Set a timeframe


In my current work environment, Coaches will often record their coaching sessions to be evaluated (one might use the term quality assessed) and feedback is provided to help the coach perform better in future interactions. So since these sessions are recorded, I was thinking that we could use speech analytics to determine effectiveness? Has anyone used the software for this purpose? What kinds of parameters were set up for the experiment? Did you see improvement from the exercise?