Upcoming Changes to the Community

Discussion created by scottkendrick Employee on Jan 8, 2018

Fellow EO Community Members:


There are some upcoming architectural changes coming to the community.  These changes should not have any substantial impact to your user experience, other than down time during maintenance windows. There are two primary changes occurring, and the goal of these changes is to help improve our search engine ranking. Better search engine ranking means more members - more members means more active discussions and better networking opportunities.


  1. The community will move to a new domain at  After this change is made you should still be able to access the site through the address or bookmarks that reference the original site URL. The community will continue to retain the name Engagement Optimization and branding. This change is anticipated Thursday 1/18/2018 with a maintenance window occurring between 6:30 PM EST and 9:30 PM EST.
  2. Blog articles in the News Space will be moving to a new platform. All discussions forums will remain on the current platform whether those discussions be general in nature or product specific. Your Engagement Optimization username and login will still allow you to comment on blog articles. There will be some adjustments in discussion and news categories to assist in this move, but otherwise navigation to blogs or discussions should remain consistent.


We thank you for your continued contribution to the community and patience while we are making these adjustments. If any questions or comments, don't hesitate to leave a reply.


Scott Kendrick

VP Marketing