New addition to Encore

Discussion created by shawnfeaser Expert on May 8, 2018
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It seems that the stars and planets have aligned! As we more the loss of Richard Britt to the CallMiner team, another opportunity presented itself.


I am very pleased and excited to welcome Yeliana Liman to the Encore team. Yeli brings an enormous amount of product knowledge to our team and I am sure she will open new doors of opportunity for our team to accelerate our growth, vision and our ability to leverage of Eureka.


Please help me congratulate Yeli on he decision to make the leap and be on the lookout for some incredible new applications of Eureka as we learn and grow together.


Mike Hull

Pulkit Jain

Tomas Federico

Cristina Villalobos

Mayank Nanda

Monika Zutshi

Sasa Kuzmanovic